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Team Pivotworks Profile: Matthew Beckford

Written by:

Brittany Dwyer, Social Media Coordinator

14 Jun 2021


An image of Matthew BeckfordTORONTO, Ontario, June 14, 2021 -- Matthew Beckford is the Junior Database Administrator and Business Intelligence Analyst at Pivotworks Business Systems Corporation. He is an incredibly talented visual thinker who has an abundance of data visualization techniques. He specializes in transforming raw data into meaningful and useful information and has a particular passion for ERP solutions implementation. He holds a BCom in Business Technology Management from Ryerson University, and is always expanding his knowledge in the many concepts that IT has to offer.

Matthew is someone who is mindful of his motivations and takes his work seriously. He has a grounded and realistic view of life that deeply contributes to his passion for his work. When asked about what motivates him to keep growing in his role, he responded by saying “motivation for me just comes from doing something that I love and continuing to do that for as long as possible”. It is clear when communicating with him that growth comes from doing what he cares about most, and that is the feeling that keeps him going. It was so refreshing to hear this perspective of motivation. I think this is a particularly admirable quality, as all of us as individuals have so much to offer one another. Living with the mindset that you are dedicated to your own evolution is something that we can all learn from. Passion in this particular form is something that can be hard to come by, so we are lucky to have someone like Matthew in our circle.

Though he is new to the IT industry, Matthew is an excel wizard with an expertise in data analytics. Organizations of all different types and different sizes rely on information and communication technologies to remain competitive. In world that is becoming increasingly online, these are invaluable skills to the Pivotworks team. Having someone who cannot only perform in this capacity, but does so with an amazing attitude is particularly special. He sees the value in working with Pivotworks because of the businesses caring mentality.

Matthew is someone who has a natural understanding of complex topics. The process of translating and transforming elaborate data and information into digestible and easy to understand visuals and language is something that he thoroughly enjoys. With his background in business and technology, he is particularly excited about being part of the Pivotworks team to bridge the gap between those two worlds. Working for a business, with businesses is the perfect environment for him to achieve this. Business to business relationships is what keeps this intricate online network going. By investing the time and energy into individuals like Matthew who have the right attitude about the potential IT has, we have the power to drastically shift what we know IT to be.

When Matthew isn’t working on all things IT, he told me that his passion is “all things basketball”. It comes as no surprise that even in his personal life, the same positive attitude and dedication he has in his role with Pivotworks, shines through onto his hobbies. This made sense to me as he has such a positive team mentality. This is perfectly suited for him, with his amazing team player attitude towards his position online, it only makes sense this would be reflected on the court too. He is always ready to contribute to the conversation, project, or witty meeting banter. Matthew also let me know that he has a love for building computers. Another hobby that speaks to his incredible mind and fascination with detail.

Pivotworks has given Matthew the opportunity to step into his true passion, which is IT. Providing a service for people in need is what he finds the most fulfilling. This is another reason why he is such a valued member of the Pivotworks team. His generous and thoughtful attitude towards life spills directly into his work. When asked about what his dream life looks like, he responded by saying he’s “already living the dream”. This speaks volumes about the presence and attitude Matthew has, and the kind of energy he puts into his work.

I took the time to check in with him about how Covid has impacted him. He let me know that he has managed well with all the changes, despite the many challenges that we have all faced. It has been a difficult year for many, but hearing that he has been coping well doesn’t surprise me due to his inspiring outlook of life. Self-improvement is something that keep Matthew going. A quote that inspires him is "Keep moving forward" by Eren Jaeger. This is an interesting contrast to the complexity that Matthew typically enjoys. I find that as simple as this quote is, it rings true for us all. It is easy to get caught up in regret about the past, or anxiety about the future. Especially in times as unprecedented as these, there are so many other perspectives one could have on themselves or how to progress in their life. Staying positive and keeping your head up aren’t always easy to do, but reminding yourself that you are always trying your best with the tools that you have is one of the best ways to not only support yourself but those around you as well.

It is clear that Matthew believes that his only competition is his past self. An admirable and useful outlook in a world where it is so easy to compare ourselves to others. As he continues to grow and learn as a Pivotworks team member, as well as an individual, I have full confidence he will do so with ease. Progression is something that is inevitable, we listen, learn, observe and interact with so much stimulation on a daily basis. Our phones, our computers, the news, our loved ones. There is influence everywhere that we have the ability to label for ourselves. Taking a page from Matthew’s book is something I recommend to anyone who is taking on new challenges. As long as you are doing better than you did yesterday, you are on the right track.


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