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Team Pivotworks Profile: Karsan Uthayakumar

Written by:

Brittany Dwyer, Social Media Coordinator

11 Jun 2021


A photo of Karsan UthayakumarTORONTO, Ontario, June 11, 2021 -- Karsan Uthayakumar was Pivotworks’ first employee, and what a great decision that was. As Junior Developer, Karsan has hands-on full-stack software development experience with several popular tech stacks. He carries an Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) in Statistics from the University of Toronto.

When Karsan began his post-secondary journey, IT was actually not the end goal. Through his program electives, he discovered that he had a real passion for information transformation and technology. Fast forward to the present day, and now Karsan has goals of being a senior software engineer in the tech industry. He found that the process of creating in this medium allowed him to feel a sense of accomplishment, not only by spending the time to create, but also by helping those in need of these important and business-changing services. The transformation that is possible with this kind of work, really spoke to Karsan and the impact he could have in his career.

Karsan is extremely passionate about developing software systems that are scalable and efficient. Contributing to others in this tangible way gives him a genuine sense of fulfillment. He has worked on several websites that are in production, and is always keeping up to date on the newest cutting-edge advancements in IT. He believes in the potential that Pivotworks has to offer, and hopes to continue to grow as a software developer with the company.

When asked about what particular skills he has to offer, Karsan responded by saying “I bring the usual programming skills every software developer brings”. These skills would refer to anything ranging from proficiency with programming language, to mathematical skills or problem solving, but he went on to say "I think what sets me apart is my passion to work on solutions/software that could improve clients' lives and businesses. I am the happiest when I can help someone do something that might have taken them hours, in just minutes”. Simplification is a specially of his, and something that makes him the happiest. This response speaks so much to his character and work ethic. To see that his priority is helping others and what brings him the most joy is such a beautiful thing to hear. It has been incredible getting to know my fellow team members better, and hearing responses like this about why they enjoy what they do is honestly contagious! The team environment we have cultivated is something that all of the employees at Pivotworks enjoy, and Karsan is no exception.

When I asked him what appeals to him about working for the company, he was thrilled to say that he is inspired by working with so many knowledgeable experts in IT. The plethora of information that is readily available to him through conversations and meetings with others, is the type of experience that you cannot get from a textbook or lecture. It was clear he was particularly grateful for this element of the business, as he finds himself constantly learning from all of the combined insights of our dynamic and well-founded company. He sees the incredible potential that working for Pivotworks has and is thrilled to be able to work alongside these motivated individuals as he continues to strive for his own professional and personal goals.

When my questions got more personal and less about business, he was quick to let me know that though the cold is not his favourite. Karsan is an active individual who enjoys a good run to get his body moving in the summertime. If the sun is out, then so is he! Another one of the ways that he enjoys socializing and decompressing is playing soccer. This not only allows him to get active but it’s also an amazing opportunity to connect with friends. Karsan is a thoughtful and friendly individual, who is always available to offer his assistance or insight to anyone who may need it. This attitude reaches beyond the professional setting, and into our meetings and online communication as well.

In his free time, he likes to work on software projects to learn new innovative technologies. He can be found working on personal IT projects to improve his skills and sharpen his knowledge. This can be anything from watching relevant content to researching in depth practices to add more tools to his IT tool belt.

As I wrapped up our conversation, I asked what his dream life would look like. It comes to no surprise that he responded with absolute compassion. He told me that his perfect life looks like being in a position of helping others. This is how he described his vision of it, “My dream life is something where I have built something which made many people's lives at least a little better”. It is clear from speaking with him that he cares deeply about others, and really wants to help in any way he can to make things easier for those around him.

Finally, I asked him if there were any particular mantras, affirmations, or quotes that he was inspired by. His answer was "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing poorly". I found this to be a funny response, as I was not familiar with this quote before our conversation. He went on to say, “Sometimes I don't start something because I feel the final result won't be great. But this quote reminds me if what I am trying to do is important enough, it is better to try and do a bad job than to never start. Starting is what matters and this quote gets me to start”. This is a great attitude towards life, as there are so many opportunities for growth that we miss out on due to fear of failure. This mentality allows you to push through, even when doubtful, because even if you don’t do the best that you can, you now have the chance to grow and learn from your mistakes. Speaking with Karsan about his goals, experience and visions of his life was truly inspiring and I look forward to working alongside him on the incredible Pivotworks Team.

Karsan continues to provide support to Pivotworks on an occasional basis, however, his first professional experience at Pivotworks has provided him with new and exciting opportunities. We thank Karsan for his amazing contributions to Pivotworks.


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